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Are you ready for your next NDPR audit? Partner with us for your data protection compliance needs.

Virtual CISO

Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer program provides Cybersecurity risk management as a service

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Helping you protect your online accounts


Our Services

Our services are driven by the needs of your business. We always begin by understanding your business requirements and associated cyber security problems. In the end, we will come up with solutions that satisfactorily support your critical business initiatives by striking the right balance between business risks and opportunities. Our consultants understand the principles of business security well enough to ensure that technical security controls will not negate business enablement objectives whenever we’re privileged enough to work with you.

Our Approach

In delivering our services, we follow a 3-step iterative process


During the Evaluate phase, we gain good understanding of your business realities, then assess your technical and procedural controls against industry best practices. Where deficiencies exist, they form input into the next phase


This phase includes several sub-steps (plan, design, develop, implement, test) that are undertaken to ensure significant improvement in your cyber security posture


Following enhancement of your cyber risk posture, we close the loop on value delivery by validating fulfillment of every business requirement while ensuring that implemented security controls will not impede agility and productivity. Our final report typically includes recommendations on how to maintain your enhanced controls to ensure that your business security and regulatory compliance needs are continually addressed

Digital Information Security Solutions

About Us

Digiss is dedicated to changing the Nigerian story. Currently known as one of the headquarters of cyber fraud, we are committed to making Nigeria the headquarters of cyber talent. We recognize that Nigeria is full of hardworking and talented individuals whose positive energy can be harnessed to protect organizations on a global scale against cyber adversaries. Our Resource Pooling model ensures that highly qualified and competent cyber security professionals are immediately available to support organizations across multiple continents and time zones



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